Carve Systems is a boutique firm providing security and consulting services at all levels, from mid-size to Fortune 500 companies, helping these organizations to identifying key risks and build security. But no matter the size of the clientele, IT security is an industry that is often difficult to understand and navigate, even on the B2B front. This was the problem that Carve Systems presented to us, expressing the desire for a new website that streamlines and simplifies information within a new and exciting interface that would help differentiate them from their competitors.


Because the client specifically requested that the new site be developed on the Twitter Bootstrap foundation, we created a design that would work well with some of Bootstrap’s inherent limitations. Taking inspiration from Bootstrap’s simple, grid-centric framework instead of attempting to disguise it, we emphasized clean lines across the site, using bold colors to create strongly defined sections and to help guide the user by applying one color respectively to each of Carve’s three major areas of service. These simple visual cues make the information hierarchy readily apparent and dense technical information easier to navigate. Similarly, in the stead of generic stock photos that are distracting with little value, we implemented flat icons, the simplicity of which complement the important information – the text itself.

In the process, we also ensured that the entire design is completely responsive, as much of Carve’s clientele in the data and technology industries would be viewing the site on mobile devices. We designed each page view for each device from wireframe to PSD, considering every element for the best user experience in each specific environment.


  • Responsive Web Design
  • Web Development on Twitter Bootstrap