Adam Henson of Hensonism LLC works in web development, but graduated with a major in fine arts and retains an active interest in his former background. He began to experience frustration at not being able to find a consolidated source for fine art-related events and galleries in the New York City area, finding traditional event sources such as Time Out to be cluttered and difficult to navigate; and it made little sense to have to visit individual gallery sites to keep up with the latest events and new artists. As a result, Adam Henson set out to solve this problem by providing his own solution – creating a targeted resources directory specifically for fine arts-related events, galleries and artists – and came to us to bring his idea to life.


Adam initially presented us with a few very simple concept sketches. We worked with him to flush out these ideas, designing the entire site from wireframe to Photoshop. We branded NYCG with a very simple and sleek color palette and design aesthetic to let the artwork and the artists shine through, and the clean lines we applied throughout the site naturally lent themselves to  an information hierarchy that allows for logical user navigation through events, venues or artists. We reinforce this by keeping a consistent format across detail pages with bold, beautiful imagery and a classic Futura typeface on breathable white space so that important text such as summaries, exhibit dates, and location can easily be read.


  • Branding
  • Concept Development
  • Web Design